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Since 2007, co-directors Alex Lamb and Max Well have been producing music videos, documentaries, children's shows, commercials, and branded content. Last year, after a deep dive into the history of Tiki bars, they decided that the incredible life of Donn Beach was a story they couldn't resist.


Regarded with almost legendary status in the annals of Tiki bar history, Donn Beach is as complicated and enigmatic a subject as any filmmaker could hope for. The more we've learned about him, the more we've realized that Donn represents one of those rare cases where fact may actually be stranger than fiction.


With assistance from preeminent Donn Beach historian, Tim "Swanky" Glazner, (author of Mai Kai, History and Mystery of the Iconic Tiki Restaurant) and a host of others, including Sven Kirsten, Jeff Berry, and more, we intend to explore in great detail the life and times of Donn Beach as well as the legacy that he left behind, in an honest and entertaining way.

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