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Support the Film!

This is a chance to support the film, and get some swag while doing so. Film Festival entry fees, travel costs, and promotion are all being paid independently by the films producers. 

Every little bit helps. Thanks!

Zombie glass

SALE - $20

These zombie glasses designed by B-Rex portray Donn enjoying a zombie while reflecting on key moments in his life. His time in WWII is represented by the B-26 Bomber flying overhead, the International Marketplace is represented by Donn's treehouse, and the Marama is floating by in the background. 

Cocktail Pins

SALE - $40


A set of six 1.25" enamel pins inspired by illustrations from old Don the Beachcomber menus. Wear them on your favorite aloha shirt, your beachcomber hat, or just put them on a shelf to admire the cocktails Donn created.

Movie Poster


Original art print by Kymm! Bang for The Donn of Tiki.

20" X 29"

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