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Support the film

This is a chance to support the film, and to get some swag while doing so. Every little bit helps. Thanks!

Zombie glass

SALE - $20

These zombie glasses designed by B-Rex portray Donn enjoying a zombie while reflecting on key moments in his life. His time in WWII is represented by the B-26 Bomber flying overhead, the International Marketplace is represented by Donn's treehouse, and the Marama is floating by in the background. 

Cocktail Pins

SALE - $30


A set of six 1.25" enamel pins inspired by illustrations from old Don the Beachcomber menus. Wear them on your favorite aloha shirt, your beachcomber hat, or just put them on a shelf to admire the cocktails Donn created.

Movie Poster


Original art print by Kymm! Bang for The Donn of Tiki. 20" X 29"

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